i can't believe i didn't post this picture yet.. i think about this picture often. I love the minds of children. i happened to have just talked to the mother of these two huggers about the relationship between her daughters and how it has it's challenges.. but then she said something about how in an unknown situation they tend to need eachother and that's when she sees the love come out.

so here's the scenario: local singer at a birthday party with super excited kids all between the ages of 2-8.. dancing.. dancing.. screaming.. laughing.. and then all of a sudden i saw it.. the older child looked sooo excited that she.. has.. a.. sister.. and then.. she reaches for her and HUG. i felt i was a bit slow to react because i couldn't believe what i was seeing. it was such a pure moment. very sweet. i was honored to have seen it and to have caught it.

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