this is one of my favorite families. i call cheryl when ever i am at the end of my rope. she is a pillar of strength, my rock and is the mother of two very busy boys. she has a very real and very practical.. 'it is what it is' mentality.. i think you would have to be like that when you discover that your sons may become deaf. you would never know it with emerson... the way he tumbles around and responds to you.. i think the deafness gives emerson the silence to formulate grandeur plans. cheryl is always telling me stories of emersons newest adventure. i love that kid.. and did i mention he loves tractors.. unbelievable really.. and the picture above of him driving is no stage.. that kid has it all figured out..

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  1. I just have to say ditto to all of the above and that the photos are fabulous! You have a true gift, Cindy!