i love photographing families i don't know. i love how perfect strangers unfold right in front of the lens. i love this session.. two teachers.. and they were willing to follow me into the rainy day.. they were positive and worked together.. and their kids.. cauute.. cuter in person.. is that possible.. yes!.. i need remind you again the world is a kind place.. people love their children and want to do their best for them.. and lately i am realizing it's a lot of pressure to do your best.. my selfish self keeps getting in the way.. it's crazy.. i did not go to school for this.. i do not have a license.. but i am responsible to teach my children.. to help them become good people.. and boy.. does all the baggage from my own childhood pop up everywhere.. did i hear myself say the most ridiculous thing?.. did i just sound just like my father??? then that night.. allll night.. i lie awake regretting it.. coming up with different scenarios.. reading 5 different books on how to never do it again .. it's like a class in pschotheraphy every day!... sigh.. long story short.. we do our very best for our children.. thanks for coming to see me at the lake.. and for the ride into town.. too funny


  1. Jill was my daughter's grade 2 teacher and she was fabulous! I still see her at the school and she is such a positive person. You did a great job with the pictures, Cindy!
    Cyndy Brandt


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