it's all about perspective. my 16 month old son isn't sleeping. i could be really upset about it.. and want to wish it away.. but i am not. i am secretly sad about it. it is a great reminder that he still is a baby.. but not for long.. i know one day soon this shall pass and he will be sleeping (and from what i hear he will turn in to a teenager and will be always sleeping) i feel that i am experiencing the best part of my life in fast forward.. it's really hard to live in the moment when chaos is ensuing .. my baby daughter is 3 now.. and when i look at old photographs of her that are only a year old.. she is an entirely a different person.. where did the two year old go? they are different people.. but i will never experience my 2 year old Marley again.. so very sad.. and such a great reminder that pictures are important.. and in my perspective.. pictures that capture our perfect sweet fleeting moments..and another thing.. i just love people who surround themselves in children.. it makes them glow.. they are brave and to be admired!

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  1. Beautifully said Cindy. Beautifully said, and reflects very well how we think of our exquisite, passing, experiences with our toddler son.

    Your photographs are wonderful. Great work!

    By the way, this is Steve, Susan's brother (steveparishart at gmail.com).