status update

i'm still around. i feel like i have not posted anything in forever and i can see how it might make you think i'm done... quite the opposite..

life shifts and slows down.. speeds up.. and in a whizz and a blur the month of January is gone and i'm sitting here almost in the middle of February.

i have been currently been busy working on some architecture photography.. my husband is very fortunate to be working with a local contractor as their painter. they are in the process of updating their website and were in need some new examples of all the fine work they do. it has been fun and meditative for me. no people.. no children.. just me and quiet houses.

so if your looking to renovate or build a new home you need to give Lacey Developments a call.. here is their website.. my pictures are not up yet.. i'll post about that once it happens.

The other most exciting thing i have been doing is motivating one of my very finest and best friend into creating and developing her food blog. so far i have done all the current food photography on her blog.. and i have enjoyed being the food tester.. check out her blog and be sure to comment if you use a recipe so she knows your out there!

and that's not all.. i have been trying to work on my marketing identity.. which has been VERY challenging.. and the reason being.. i will get to hang a sign and my photography up at the new Midwifery Clinic opening up in Mission (it will also be the clinic that i will working at soon! not as a midwife though *wink*)

wow.. new year and new things to do..

i have some very awesome shoots coming up at the end of feburary/early march.. so i'll be back in the swing of things soon.

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  1. very cool opportunities :)
    looking forward to seeing you next week.