Charlie Anne

This is Charlie-Anne who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1, a terminal genetic condition, at 6 months old. This is not my first session with Charlie..

I knew that when I met Charlie-Anne she was a special little girl.. ready to change lives and perspectives. Little did i know she would be teaching us all harder life lessons.

We need to enjoy every moment with our precious little people. it's a miracle they are here and everyday is a gift no matter how mundane or impossible. You have an amazing mother Charlie.. not only has your momma been blessed with you.. you have been blessed with her.

To read more about SMA:


  1. I read your blog every once and a while and I loved the first session you did with Charlie. The picture of her in the green dress smiling was actually my desk top picture for a while (I hope that isn't creepy)Anyways she is so beautiful and I love these new pictures. She reminds me a lot of my little girl Zoe.

  2. beautiful pics! especially love the top one.

  3. Super cute!!! xoxo


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