the next picture was taken by my 3 1/2 year old daughter.. who like her momma loves the camera.. being more behind it than in front of it.. i love her still life.. she can go for hours clicking away

the time change really messed me up. i forgot about it. with every moment rushing by me.. i feel resentment toward it.. that another hour was stolen from me. i like the idea of what it brings.. more daylight.. summer! but it's the robbery of time. i don't feel there is enough of it.. time.. oh coveted one.. which makes me want to punch myself in the arm when i was a 20 year old slacker.. using it up like an oversized bag of potato chips.

this weekend was a rush around 'can't do enough' tantrum sort of day.. but then.. there was this glorious moment when time came to a stop... lukas had fell asleep ... the sun came out... and me and marley were waiting for lunch at our great friend Joshua's cabin... or the farm as they call it... it is a peaceful place.

then it happened. me and my camera had a moment together (with a fairly reasonable kid in tow) and i got to just take pictures of randomness.. no client.. no kids.. no nothing.. just.. randomness of the moment.

so needed.


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