You never know who will show up in your life again. I took a school bus with Judie when i was in grade 8.. we went to different schools and she was older than me.. it's fascinating to me now how we even became friends.. but i think some people are just meant to be. Flash forward to now.. with the technology of facebook.. viola.. a re-connection. We live in an interesting time.. Somedays i feel like facebook is like time travel and we are messing with things somehow.. we are no longer letting the past be the past. However.. if that was the case.. i would have never met this little rascal. He is the apple of his mother's eye.. i think we can all see why. Your a great momma Judie .. thank goodness for facebook xo


  1. beautiful pictures as always! but where's the one of rascal in the guitar case?! you GOTTA post that one!!


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