Happy One Year Birthdays all around

Surrounded by everyone who loves her Shayla turned One today! I am so excited that i was able to witness her grow from Belly, to Baby and then to today.. being one! You are so lucky as you are loved.

This is also a great milestone for me as well.. this is my one year birthday.. my test to see if this is something i should do. I have met wonderful people and shared really wonderful stories of hope, beauty and the best of all the joys and tears of parenthood. i thought this job was just going to be me and my camera.. but it's been much more than that. i have reconnected with people from the past, seen the most beautiful beginnings from birth, babies, engagements and marriages.

there are times i felt i needed to stop.. calls for sessions dwindled.. but so did my drive for more work.. i felt taken advantage of with my rates.. i got grief from loved ones to charge more.. but i feared the word no.. i wanted these jobs no matter what (right?).. i felt i was already giving so much of myself away to create these memories.. this proof for people that their lives are beautiful.. late nights took their toll during the teething season with my own children. schedules were mismanaged making editing a burden.. my joy was tested.

then i learned to say no.. i am still learning my worth.. and balance is an everyday lesson. but one thing is for sure.. i love. love. LOVE taking photographs.. making things beautiful, making it original and making it special just for you.

thank you to everyone who has supported me this year.. especially to my to my most loved husband jaret.. without your support and encouragement i would have easily put my camera down.

happy birthday Shayla.. may you grow and grow

(and happy birthday to me too)

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