The First Day of School

breakfast of champions
come on already.. she had her school clothes on within minutes of waking up.. (i grasp that i am a very lucky momma)

My baby went to preschool yesterday.. or school as she knows it. She was so very excited.. I might have been a bit more so. I loved preschool so much and it hit me that we are giving her the opportunity to have her own preschool memory. I know most moms cry and make a deal out of it.. not that i won't miss her.. it's just such an exciting moment.. she also has been teaching me since she was born to let go and let her grow up.. and if i do that.. i have a much easier time letting go..

momma loves you big girl xo


  1. Sherri SmithSeptember 08, 2010

    great photos usual...but an even better philosophy on kids. You have such a beautiful family and you are a wonderful mom. Keep up the good work!


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