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If you know me.. I love a good idea and I love riding on the wave. I am happy to brainstorm and can create a new life business plan in less than 10 minutes.. (and then forget about them in 15 minutes...yes.. I'm a bit of a idea junkie)

HOWEVER that makes me your number one supporter if your trying something new and going with it!

When Stephanie called me to tell me she wanted some photographs done of something she was creating for a Christmas Craft Fair.. I immediately said yes.. then realized as i was driving there .. i had no idea what she was up too.. i just knew i was excited for her.

She has created these amazing little personalized christmas ornaments that my kids were so excited about.. i can see why.. each contains a little scene inside.. and some dare i say it.. sparkly snow! (winner in my kids books)

and yes i did score me two for my kids.. yes i did! and i think you should too.. you know.. support a mom and not a big box store *wink*

if your interested in contacting Stephanie her email is:

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