School Photos

Beware of the Rant:

No offense to school photographers.. i know you have like 10, 000 kids to snap.. and the easiest system truly is best. It does make sense.

However I'm a mom now ... and sort of like my camera.

Plus it's my job to participate in photo day.. i get the joy of washing the kids faces and the anxiety of helping create a hairdo that will hopefully hold throughout a crazy day of kindergarden.. at the very least until the photos are done.

and please..can just one turn out so I bear forking out the ridiculous money just to see it on Grandmas wall for the rest of the year (and not cringe)

The results.. a crummy disappointment... and made worse.. by having to choose one too many 'new' neon fire bolt CG backgrounds .. that are truly.. out of this world.. (footnote: A reminder to NOT wear green next picture day .. it does not bold well with the Green Screen. and your kid will just disappear into the void of the floating soccer balls)

Seriously.. They would probably be alright if they captured my child... in any sort of familiar way.


School pictures though are a rite of passage.. it's fun to flip though the history of you .. seeing yourself morph into this thing called... grownup!

So wasn't I pleased to find another momma with the same hangup.. and she said to me.. at least I didn't HAVE to have this problem.. uh.. huh.. oh.. right.. I have a camera!

great idea Darlene. truly... These are her pumpkins posted above. Super cute hey. I think Grandma will approve.. and Mom can handle looking at them for the next year ;)


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