Still Life

You may know or not know.. I'm an artist. On top of mother, wife, banker, cleaner, teacher, manager, doula and photographer (and whatever else odd job i hold at the time time) deep down somewhere inside being weighed down by everything else is an Artist. For some reason writing this sounds slightly embarrassing.. like it's really not cool to state that.

I am a keener when it comes to observing my children and their amazing behaviors.. and proudly.. I can see my daughter becoming an artist too.. (I mean really.. she stands no chance.. sorry kid.. her father is a musician and a artist!)

so today of all days.. i was hit with a realization.. what am I giving to her by means of mentor-ship? What do I model daily to both my kids? How can I help them embrace their gifts? instead of making other things like.. how to make a bed the priority? my role of mother manager takes over.. so often.. over and over again. (Do i want them thinking i went to mother college and not art school?)

so it's time.. time to say aloud.. I'm an artist.. so the little ears can hear it.. time to take pictures for fun.. for practice and if anything.. just for the little eyes who observe me.