Lee & Lacy

Deep in the heart of Mission B.C. is a gem of a Clinic. Lacy and Lee run Evoke Wellness Center where you can receive amazing care from a Masseuse, Chiropractor, Naturopathic Physician, and Acupuncturist. {I have heard many many testaments from clients, friends and from my own family too how amazing they feel after a visit}

Can you imagine my excitement when I was asked to photograph these beautiful people? I get way too excited when super lovely people are going to become parents. It was a gorgeous day in one of my most favorite places to be. Lacy and Lee will be back .. you see that empty basket up there.. well.. one day very soon it will hold their new much anticipated little person {and more pictures to come on that I promise.. but in the meantime we will happily wait until that baby says 'yep.. I'm ready world..  here I come'}


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