Douglas College Prenatal Class Information

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Prenatal Class Series

May 22, 29, Jun 5, 12, 19, 26
Jul 17, 24, 31, Aug 7, 14, 21
Sep 18, 25, Oct 2, 9, 16, 23
Oct 30, Nov 6, 13, 20, 27, Dec 4

Prenatal In-A-Day

Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 9, Sept 13, Oct 4, Nov 8, Dec 6

Douglas College Prenatal Series Outline
Class One  Late Pregnancy and Overview of Normal Labour & Birth
Welcome and Introductions
Lamaze Philosophy of Normal Birth
Physical and emotional comfort measures for late pregnancy
Healthy living in late pregnancy – nutrition, exercise and relaxation
Pre-term labour and other concerns of late pregnancy
The Six Care Practices That Support Normal Birth
Overview of labour and birth
Class Two   First Stage Labour
Care Practice # 1 Labour Begins On Its Own
Signs that labour will soon begin/is beginning
Normal birth – 1st stage, dilation
Early labour comfort measures
Care Practice #2 – Freedom of Movement throughout Labour
Active labour positions and comfort measures
Care Practice #3 – Continuous Labour Support
Creating a support team, benefits of a doula
Create a contact list for class
Class Three Second & Third Stage Labour & Immediate Postpartum
Care Practice #5 – Spontaneous Pushing in Upright or Gravity Neutral Positions
Normal birth – 2nd & 3rd stage
Pushing Positions and comfort measures
Care Practice #6 – No Separation of Mother and Baby with unlimited opportunity for breastfeeding
Normal immediate postpartum for mother and baby
Normal newborn characteristics
Communication with caregivers
Birth planning
Midway Evaluation
Class Four Variations of Labour & Medical Interventions
Variations of normal labour
Comfort measures for challenging births
Care Practice #4 – No Routine Interventions
Common medical interventions
Informed decision making
Medication for pain during labour
Indications for a caesarean birth
Caesarean role play activity
Strategies for minimizing the need for interventions
Class Five  Breastfeeding
Care practice #6 – No separation of mother and baby with unlimited opportunity for
Breastfeeding as the biological norm
Normal newborn reflexes and abilities
Physiologic changes in the mother to prepare for breastfeeding
Breastfeeding basics – How the breast makes and delivers milk
Positioning and the baby-led latch
Daily life with the breastfeeding baby
The role of the partner in supporting breastfeeding
Effective management of common challenges
Requests for topics to be covered in class six
Class Six Postpartum Adjustments
Lamaze Philosophy of Parenting
Postpartum adjustments
Living with the newborn
Basic baby care
Review of labour and comfort measures
Topics as requested by class
Questions and comments
Plans for reunion
Evaluation of series
Reunion Class Come together with those from your prenatal class and share your experience of birth and parenting.
An opportunity for sharing the joys of parenting as well as addressing any questions you may have.